My name’s Steve Madden. So happy you’re here. I’m an Animation Director in MA. Having been in After Effects for 10 years and counting, I’ve come to the conclusion that I dislike After Effects, and because of that, I like After Effects scripting. I’m gonna try to fill this blog out with helpful thoughts on scripting (jsx) and how it relates to expressions, time-savings, and the pipeline. I don’t think I have the patience to write full-on tutorials, but I will make an effort to post useful snippets of code when it makes sense.

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AE Scripting: How and Why.

scriptui sample
Some of the ScriptUI panels I’ve written and use frequently.

Quick Shape Layer Navigation

You have a simple problem: a Shape Layer in your comp has many, many Groups. Maybe you imported an Illustrator file and converted it to Shapes, hoping to get access to the path for that one squircle because a rounded rectangle will not do. You just need to be able to track that shape down.Continue reading “Quick Shape Layer Navigation”

AE Scripting: How and Why.

I’ll start by saying this: After Effects can be a frustrating program. There are lots of usability features that should be built into the program by default. Adobe knows this, thankfully, and gives us the tools to add them ourselves by way of third-party extensions and scripts (via extendscript). Products of After Effects scripting, onContinue reading “AE Scripting: How and Why.”

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